Helpful Tips
When installing Grip Studs® with the Grip Studs® driver tool, ensure the prongs on your tool are firmly seated in the notches in the studs. If the tool is not seated all the way in the stud, torque pressure can cause the installation tool to break. Grip Studs® tools are not designed to be used with impact drivers.

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Grip Studs® Tool Selection Guide

Grip Studs® handy tools are designed to install and remove tire or footwear studs. The power tools chuck into variable speed drills for ease of installation. The manual installation/removal tool is available for footwear and bicycle tire studs. Choose a stud for your application, and then select an appropriate tool from the Tool Guide below.

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Power Tools $9.95
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Power Install Tools
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Manual Drivers Only
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Handle only! This tool must be combined with the appropriate install tool in order to drive studs.

Power Installation Tools
Models #3200-#4912

Fits into cordless drills for easy installation and removal of Grip Studs.® Do not use tool with impact drivers.
Manual Driver Handle
Model #5000

Handle fits onto Installation Tools #3200-#4912 to adapt power installation tools to manual use.

Tool Guide

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Always check tire tread depth before installing Grip Studs®. Attach install tool to variable speed drill. Snap a stud into the tip of the install tool. Position stud firmly against a thick knob of the tire tread. Firmly apply pressure straight down while slowly screwing the stud into the tire until the prongs on the tool are buried into the rubber. Remove the tool from the stud. The notched collar on the stud should be flush with the rubber. Studs may come out if they are not adequately sunk into the rubber. Repeat procedure for all studs. For optimum traction, install studs in varied pattern (not in a straight line) on the tread so the studs can make better contact with the terrain. Caution: Studs may damage or mar floors, truck beds and other surfaces.
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