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Helpful Tips
When installing Grip Studs® with the Grip Studs® driver tool, ensure the prongs on your tool are firmly seated in the notches in the studs. If the tool is not seated all the way in the stud, torque pressure can cause the installation tool to break. Grip Studs® tools are not designed to be used with impact drivers.

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Adventure In The Snow Made Simple
Wade climbs over 2000 ft on snow covered trails using model 1100s and 1200 model studs in his TKC80 Tires
Before and After
Before and after with Grip Studs on ice
Ice Hill Climb
Check out how how incredibly sticky grip studs are on an icy hill
Iceberg Riding
Sheridan exploring an Alaskan iceberg on his motorcycle.
Grip Studs for Surf Fishing
Hey Surfcasters, Do not lose your footing on those gnarly rocks
Ice Dancing
Rosebuds Ice Dancing with Grip Studs
Fat Bike Install
Detailed demonstration of Grip Studs installed on a Fat Bike
Winter Riding Canada
KTM 300 XC-W EXC Winter Riding Grip Studs Canada
Interbike Interview
Discover Traction with Grip Studs
Grip Studs Power
Over the trees and through the snow...
Hill Climb
Here's my first day riding with Grip Studs. Great video of me passing all my buddies on the hill climb!! I'm sold, will never go without again!
Grip Studs for Mud
Dominating the mud with Grip Studs! Sissies Slip, Studs Grip!!
Snow Riding w/Studs
Dominate the snow with Grip Studs!
Every Ride is Unique
Klim Technical Video including Grip Studs.
Installation in Tires
Dirt Bike Michigan shares a product review and installation instructions for Grip Studs in tires.

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